Appetizers! – Toasted Cheese Hor D’oeurve

Here’s a simple appetizer idea that tastes great and looks oh so pretty! A perfect hor d’oeurve for a romantic evening, entertaining guests, or even for the family to snack on when there’s no time for dinner until after all those week night activities.

Toasted Cheese Hor D’oeurve


Honey Whole Wheat Baguette (or whichever kind you prefer)

Block of Colby Jack Cheese

Green Olives

Sliced Mushrooms (from produce section, not canned)


Cherry Tomotoes

**I didn’t include measurements because it would depend on how many appetizers you’d like to make. Also, experiment with some different vittles and kinds of cheese to put on the bread.

1. Slice baguette into desired number of appetizers. Slice cheese and place on each piece of bread (you may have to cut each slice in half if your baguette slices are smaller).
2. Slice the green olives, jalapeno, and cherry tomatoes. You may need to cut the mushroom slices in half so they fit on top of the cheese. Place the vittles on top of the cheese slices.
3. Use either a baking stone or a greased baking sheet. Preheat oven to 350 degrees and bake for about 10 minutes. You’ll want to check on them every few minutes to make sure the vittles aren’t sliding off of the cheese. If you notice they are starting to slide off, just reposition them back in the middle of the cheese and press down slightly.

Very easy, looks gorgeous, and is absolutely delicious! Enjoy!

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