What I Found in my Closet this Week…Week #7

What I Found in my Closet this Week…

(Day 50 of the 365 Day Challenge)

**Bright Colored Skinny Jeans & Short Sleeve Sweaters**


Love my bright jeans and short sleeve sweater! Comfy and cute 🙂

The weather in Northern Iowa this month has been anything but Springlike. Rain has been falling nearly everyday, winds seem to be sustained at 25mph, and temperatures might make into the low 40s on nice days. After months of winter, as Mid-westerners, we are ready for warmer temperatures and sunny skies by the time April gets here. Even three a week would be nice 🙂

With that being said, as I picked clothes out of my closet for a nice dinner out with the girls, I wanted something that felt “Springy” but would still keep me warm. With warm weather clothes being all about bright colors this season, I decided to go for the brightest pair of Skinny Jeans in my closet…The Rockstar Skinny Jeans from Old Navy in Watermelon. I’ve talked about these jeans before. I love them! They are cute, comfy, and have Spring and Summer written all over them. They are available in a wide variety of colors and prints and are listed anywhere from $20-$35…a bargain, if you ask me. I love these jeans in all colors, and they look great with flats, sandals, or wedges, depending on what kind of mood you’re in. In the picture below, I went with a simple black, round-toe flat to keep it casual (and due to all this marathon training my ankles are not allowing me to wear anything other than tennis shoes or flats 😦 ).

The other look I love is the Short Sleeve Sweater. This is a great piece because it can be worn year-round. I actually did a post about this in the middle of the winter. When layered with a long sleeve shirt and a scarf, it’s perfect for winter. On the other hand, the Short Sleeve Sweater is ideal for a cooler spring day or summer evening. The sweaters that are designed to hit just below the hips or mid-thigh are my favorite because this gives you the option to belt them, which I’ve done with the sweater below.

There are a variety of Skinny Jeans and Short Sleeve Sweaters available for under $40! Below, I’ve highlighted two that I think are darling and would be the perfect outfit for Spring and cooler Summer evenings. The sweater is a Roxy Doheny Sweater that I discovered at 6pm.com, a great discount website! I love the color below, but it is also available in other colors for only $14.99!!!!! The jeans are The Rockstar Jeans in Purple Florsh Neon from Old Navy for only $25.00.  If you order these jeans, make sure to do as the reviews suggest and order two sizes larger than your normal size. To purchase this outfit or an outfit like it in another color, simply click the links below. Whether it feels like Spring where you live or not, you’ll be rockin’ this look so well, the temperatures will have no choice but to warm up!


I am in love with this sweater! Gorgeous!!! And only $14.99!



And that’s what I found in my closet during Week #7 of the 365 Day Challenge!

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