Slippery Banana

Here’s a delicious Mexican-Inspired drink to help celebrate Cinco de Mayo.  This drink will set your party apart from having the same old margaritas everyone else is serving.  You’ll enjoy this cocktail so much, you’ll be craving its refreshing flavors throughout the entire summer.  Perfect for your weekend festivities or as a cool drink on a warm Summer evening.

Slippery Banana


Oh so good!

1 part Patron Silver Tequila (or your favorite brand)

1 part Creme de Banana

1 part Lime Juice


1. Fill a shaker with ice.  Add 2 shots of tequila, 2 shots of Creme de Banana, and 2 shots of lime juice.

2. Shake.  Pour into glasses and add ice.

Serves 2

Enjoy and Remember to be Responsible!


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