Asics Spry Running Jacket – $39.99 – (05/08/2013)


Fabulous Finds Under Forty

When I think Spring, I think warmer temps, green grass, flowers, and of course, rain. Even though most of us dread those rainy days, they’re an essential part to making the world around us colorful and beautiful. Here in Iowa, 2012 brought hardly any rain, and we paid for it as a result. Grass was brown and hard, farmer’s fields produced limited yields, and worst of all for me, golf courses turned into hard pan. So this year has been a pleasant surprise with an abundance of moisture. For us runners, this can make for some interesting running conditions.

During the Country Music Marathon that we ran in April, it down poured the entire race. It was a warmer temperature than we’d been training in all winter but the rain was just enough to give you a chill. Thanks to my water resistant running jacket, I was able to stay warm, but not get too hot. I’m not a big fan of water proof running gear because I think it gets too hot and sticky. Water resistant does not keep the water out, but with the fabric technology now available, it keeps you warm, prevents you from feeling the rain hitting your skin, stays light without sticking to you, and still lets air in. I love my running jacket!

If I were able to purchase clothing this Spring, I would definitely be in the market for another water resistant running jacket. I was so excited when I came across this Asics Spry Running Jacket at for only $39.99! That is a steal! I’m a huge Asics fan and adore their shoes and running gear. This jacket is available in Magenta/Mulberry…a beautiful color! It is also available in black and white for just a little more at $46.99. Click on the links below to purchase one of your own, you won’t be sorry!


This beautiful jacket will help make your rainy day runs more tolerable, and you’ll look cute doing it 🙂


Also available in black and white for $46.99

Have fun shopping!

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