What I Found in my Closet this Week…Week #12

What I Found in my Closet this Week…

(Day 85 of the 365 Day Challenge)

**Open Front Sleeveless Sweater Vest**


Love my CAbi! 🙂

One of my favorite pieces in my closet for Spring and Summer 2013 is the Line Up Vest from CAbi. The Open Front Sleeveless Sweater Vest is the hot trend this spring and can be easily worn on those cooler summer days and evenings. I actually have a few other sleeveless sweater vests in my closet that I am able to wear year round. The wide variety of colors in this vest make it easy to wear with just about anything. Pair it with a pair of mint jeans to bring out the turquoise hue or with a pair of khakis to bring out the earth tones.

In this picture I wore it over a ¾ length sleeve shirt on a cooler evening and chose a pair of jeans and my Comfort Plus Sandals that I highlighted in What I Found in my Closet…Week #11…love these sandals! Just right for a casual evening out. This vest also looks great with a sleeveless shirt underneath. So versatile!

If you have never shopped CAbi before, I would strongly recommend looking into this beautiful clothing line. CAbi stands for Carol Anderson by Invitation and is a designer clothing line that allows women to shop and try on this gorgeous line in the comfort of their own home or a friend’s home. To learn more, check out their website: http://www.cabionline.com/ Their site will help you find a consultant in your area. Every year CAbi comes out with a Spring/Summer Line and a Fall/Winter Line. You or a friend can host a show. The consultant brings samples of the line, in a variety of sizes, to your home, goes through an exciting presentation of the clothing, and then the fun begins. You and your girlfriends can try on clothes, snack on food, have a few drinks, and fall in love with their clothing…so much fun! This designer line is a little pricier than a typical department store, but the material that is used, the feel, the fit, and the quality of these clothes far surpass what I’ve purchased elsewhere…and because of this, they last and look new longer. I also love what the company stands for and how it empowers women and friendships.


CAbi – A beautiful designer clothing line that you can fall in love with in the comfort of a home!

Sticking with my usual theme for What I Found in my Closet…I wanted to find a sleeveless sweater vest under $40 that I would buy if I were not undertaking the 365 Day Challenge. There are an assortment of beautiful vests out there this spring. One I’m particularly fond of is this stunning vest by Simply Vera (Vera Wang) from Kohl’s. On sale for only $34.80, this vest looks adorable with or without a belt, with a long sleeve shirt or cami underneath, and would look fabulous with just about any pair of capris, pants, or jeans! Love this!


Click on this link to purchase this stunning piece for your own closet!


And that’s what I found in my closet during Week #12 of the 365 Day Challenge!

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