What I Found in my Closet this Week…Week #14

What I Found in my Closet this Week…

 (Day 99 of the 365 Day Challenge)

 **Maxi Skirt**

I’ve already expressed my love, several times, for the Maxi Skirt and Dress. I’m particularly in love with the Maxi Skirt during the summer months. Light and airy, this piece is able to keep me cool and comfortable, while still looking good. There’s nothing like slipping into my favorite maxi skirt, a pair of flip flops, and my favorite sun hat on a warm summer day. Despite what some people believe, the Maxi Skirt is a piece of clothing that can be flattering on all body types. Many people have the misconception that if they are short, they can’t wear this skirt. I completely disagree. Have the skirt hemmed to just the right length, and you’re set. The Maxi Skirt can be worn for casual occasions and then easily dressed up for an evening event.

The thing I love most about the Maxi Skirt is that it is really two outfits in one. In this week’s What I Found in my Closet, I’m highlighting one of two maxi skirts I own and showing how I make these two skirts actually become four completely different outfits. The skirt I’m highlighting today is a CAbi skirt (I discussed my love of CAbi clothing in What I Found in my Closet…Week #12). In the picture below I’m wearing it like a regular skirt with a casual brown shirt and flip flops. Perfect for Sunday morning church or lunch out with my boys.


Casual and Comfortable!



My favorite thing to do with my two maxi skirts is to take them and pull them up over my chest, belt them, and turn them into a dress! In the picture below I’ve done this and added a wedge to dress it up a little. This takes the same skirt, turns it into a dress, and gives it a completely different look!


Same skirt, different look! Also looks great with a cute sweater, cardigan, or jean jacket on cooler summer evenings!



The other skirt I own is a jersey knit black skirt from Kohls (Apartment 9). Very simple but one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing I own. I love belting it with some great color and adding a shoe with a little sass. I think I bought my Apartment 9 skirt for about $15 and have worn it as a skirt and as a dress more than I’d care to admit 🙂

There are so many great places to purchase maxi skirts for bargain prices! Some great places include Target, Kohls, La Posh Style, Venus, and Polyvore.

And that’s What I Found in my Closet during Week #14 of  365 Day Challenge!


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