What I Found in my Closet this Week…Week #17

What I Found in my Closet this Week…

 (Day 120 of the  365 Day Challenge)

 **Dri-Fit Golf Apparel from TGW**

Anyone who knows me well, knows that no year of posting what I’ve found in my closet every week would be complete without a couple postings of golf apparel. I love to golf and most of my free time is spent on the golf course. Its something Mike and I enjoy doing together, with friends, and have now been able to take TJ out with us a few times (although he just rides in the stroller and yells when he’s not supposed to at this point 🙂 ). One of my favorite stores to purchase golf apparel from is TGW.com (short for The Golf Warehouse). They have great deals on many golf items that would cost a fortune in a regular pro shop or golf store. I particularly like watching their clearanced items every week to see what is available for a steal. A few of my favorite golf brands include Nike, Addidas, and Under Armour. In the picture below, I am wearing a Dri-Fit Under Armour shirt and my favorite Dri-Fit Nike Skort. I also have an Addidas White skort that ranks right up there with this one. Just like my workout clothes, I make sure to always purchase golf apparel that has the Dri-Fit technology. It is so much more comfortable, especially on those hot summer days!


Take a look around TGW.com. Just like any other discount site, they have different items at different times. I found a couple pieces that resemble what I’m wearing in the picture above. They are both Nike. Unfortunately, TGW doesn’t have any short sleeve Under Armour shirts in stock right now, but that could change by next week. You just never know. So, for all you golfers out there, get to shopping. Nothing is more fun than hitting the golf course in a stylish, comfortable, new outfit…well, except maybe shooting your best score ever! 🙂


Listed for $69.95, this shirt is worth the price. Nike Golf Apparel is always comfortable and fits well. Available in a few other colors.




This skort from Nike is listed for $62.97 and is available in a variety of other colors. I love the zip pockets that prevent things from falling out, never to be found again, on the golf course.

And that’s what I found in my closet during Week #17 of the 365 Day Challenge!

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