Appetizers – Shrimp Cocktail

Love this simple appetizer idea for a summer picnic or potluck gathering. So easy and both healthy and delicious!


Shrimp Cocktail


36 Large Shrimp

2 slices of Lemon, halved

8 oz 1/3 Fat or Fat Free Cream Cheese

8 oz Cocktail Sauce


Colorful Serving Plate

4 Cocktail glasses


  1. Fill cocktail glasses halfway full of ice (I made this for an outdoor gathering so I just used plastic cups and a paper plate. I’ve also made this with wine glasses or martini glasses for more elegant dinners…very cute!) Place a half slice of lemon in each glass on top of the ice.

  2. Hang 9 pieces of shrimp over the edge of each glass as shown in the picture above.

  3. Place cream cheese in center of serving plate and pour cocktail sauce over top. Arrange cocktail glasses with shrimp around serving plate.

Serves 9-12


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