Splurge of the Month – July 2013

With my half marathon training plan beginning this coming Monday, July 8, I figured it was only fitting to have this month’s Splurge of the Month focus on none other than running shoes.  I just ordered my new pair this morning.  They are scheduled to arrive on Friday, and I can’t wait!  There is nothing like opening a brand new pair of running shoes…it feels like Christmas morning.  One of my favorite places to find great running shoes for bargain prices is at RunningWarehouse.com.  They carry all brands, but as many of you know, I’m particularly fond of Asics running shoes.  My whole marathon training was done in the Gel Nimbus 14’s.  I was excited to see that they recently came out with the Gel Nimbus 15’s.  If you’re looking for a good running shoe, I strongly recommend these shoes.  The Gel Nimbus work well for runners with high arches and who run on the outside of their foot (underpronator) as well as neutral runners.  Listed for only $130.95, these shoes are a great deal.  Click on the link below to purchase your own.




Available in 3 colors!



I’m holding off on the 15’s and decided to get another pair of the Asics Gel 14’s.  Right now they have the 14’s on clearance for only $92.88…what a deal!  There are 4 colors available.  I bought the purple pair.  Use this coupon code and get another $13 off!!!! – FB15D  That takes your total to under $80 for a great pair of running shoes!






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