What I Found in my Closet this Week…Week #19

What I Found in my Closet this Week…

 (Day 134 of the 365 Day Challenge)

 **Maxi Skirt**

 Okay, so I know I posted this same exact skirt in What I Found in my Closet this Week…Week #14, but I was so excited to find a third way to wear this skirt that I had to post it again! Its like three different outfits in one, which is a great find when you can’t buy any new clothes for a year! Some of you may have seen this picture posted before I went to the Little Big Town Concert a few weeks ago. I wore this outfit then and plan on wearing it again this weekend to a more formal event we are having at our golf course. This skirt is a CAbi skirt which, as many of you know, is a designer line that I love! I discussed CAbi in What I Found in my Closet this Week…Week #12. However, this can be done with just about any maxi skirt you already have in your closet. As discussed in Week #14, I love the maxi skirt worn as it was intended, but I also love it belted and worn as a dress. A few weeks ago when I was getting ready to go to the Little Big Town Concert, I wanted to wear this skirt as a dress, but there was one problem. Since I was going to a country music concert, I really wanted to wear my cowboy boots. Unfortunately, all my maxi skirts were too long when I pulled them up and belted them. They came below my knees, which looked ridiculous with my cowboy boots. That’s when I had an idea. What if I pulled the skirt through the top of the belt until I got the skirt to be the length I wanted it to be? So I tried it and LOVED it! It makes the maxi skirt look even more like a dress, and I like how it gives a looser fit at the top. I can’t wait to give this a try with my black maxi skirt.  I also think it gives it a much different look than when it is just belted and not pulled through like shown in Week #14.

In this picture, I obviously was headed to the concert so I could wear boots. This weekend’s event will be more formal so I’ll wear a nice pair of nude peep toe pumps. To accessorize this outfit, I brought along my Jennifer Lopez Clutch purse from Kohl’s. Love this purse! It goes with just about any outfit, and I was able to get it for a steal last summer with the discounts and coupons Kohl’s offers.


Here are a few items that I found for great prices that would be fabulous additions to each of your closets.

I love this maxi skirt from Target. Listed for only $24.99, this skirt would look adorable worn all three ways I’ve shown a maxi skirt can be worn. Click on the picture below to purchase for your closet.


Love this Jennifer Lopez Clutch from Kohl’s for only $27.90. This is very similar to the one I already own and would look adorable with a variety of outfits!


And that’s what I found in my closet during Week #19 of the 365 Day Challenge!

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