Golf Apparel from Target – $22.99 and below – (07/24/2013)

Fabulous Finds Under Forty


As most of you know, one of my favorite hobbies, maybe even ranked higher than working out, is golf.  Along with playing golf, I also enjoy dressing the part…imagine that :).  One of the hardest things this summer has been holding back on buying new golf outfits, especially when we have big tournaments coming up.  Often times, we like to coordinate with our partners so that we have matching outfits, and I’m always more than happy to run out and buy a new outfit.  This summer I’ve had to make due with what I have.  The other day, I was dreaming about the day I get to purchase golf apparel again and started looking for new places to buy golf outfits at more reasonable prices.  Many times golfing apparel can be outrageously priced, especially when bought at a golf course or a golf store.


I was ecstatic to discover that Target has a golf collection.  I had no idea!  They are reasonably priced and seem to be made of the material golfers love in the middle of the hot summer.  There are limited colors and styles, but this would be a great place to get the basics or to find matching colors for upcoming events at a great price point.  Here are two pieces that I love and may look into buying next spring when I can purchase clothing again!


Target has both sleeveless and short sleeve golfing shirts.  Priced at $19.99, this shirt is also available in black, white, and blue.  Click on the picture below to take advantage of this great deal!




I love this skort (also available in black) and priced at only $22.99, how can you beat it!  They also have Bermuda shorts made just for the golf course.



Now get ready to hit the golf course in style!  And now maybe you’ll be able to afford a few more rounds 🙂

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