Insanity/Running/Weight Lifting Hybrid Schedule

Insanity/Running/Weight Lifting Hybrid Schedule

I love running.  I love weight lifting.  Recently, I completed Insanity and fell in love with this workout program as well.  Shaun T.’s workout brought me great results in a short period of time.  Recently, I got to thinking that it would be perfect if I could somehow do some of the Insanity workouts while still running and weight lifting.  I’ve been playing around with some different schedules for the past month and finally came up with one that I am loving and that has worked well for me.

Obviously, you can run whatever distance you’d like in place of what I’ve included in the schedule.  This workout routine could also be done with other cardio workouts, such as, cycling, swimming, etc. instead of running.  Also, I picked my two favorite Month #1 Insanity workouts to include in the schedule because I wanted to keep the workouts to 40 minutes or less, but you could substitute any of the Insanity workouts in, depending on how you’re feeling that day.

Also, if you already have a strict strength training routine, you can stick with that or you can follow what I do.  For every muscle I do 3 exercises of 3 sets.  I start with a weight that I can do 15 reps with, then add more weight (usually 5-10 lbs), do 12 reps, add more weight and end with a set that I do to failure and can’t get more than 10 reps with.  So for Chest I might do 3 sets of bench press, 3 sets of incline press, and 3 sets of flies.

Here is the workout routine that has worked for me:



  • Insanity Workout (I do Plyometric Cardio Circuit)
  • Lift Back & Biceps


  • Run 4-6 miles
  • Insanity’s Cardio Abs


  • Insanity Workout (I do Cardio Power & Resistance)
  • Lift Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps



  • Long Run = 6 or more miles


  • Rest Day!

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