The Twisted Russian

Brrrr! Its cold outside! Looking for a good way to warm up and relax tonight after dinner? One of my favorite winter after dinner drinks is what I like to call…The Twisted Russian . Its a take on the classic White Russian. Around the holidays Kahlua puts out a limited edition Peppermint Mocha Liqueur. So good! You can still find it in some stores. If not, just use regular Kahlua and add a capful of Creme De Menthe.
The Twisted Russian
– One part Peppermint Kahlua
– One part Vodka
– One part Milk
69621_464540366940985_1799199915_nGreat after dinner drink…its like dessert in a glass

2 responses to “The Twisted Russian

  1. Hmmm….how did I miss this one in my reader? Glad I went back. I am not a huge “drinker” but this sounds good. I did make Hot Toddies last night for the very first time and they were surprisingly yummy. I used less bourbon than most people probably but still got the flavor. 🙂

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