Orange-Kissed Margarita

I don’t know about all of you, but I think this has felt like an extremely long winter! Yes, I know, we still have all of February to go through, but I keep reminding myself this is a short month, right?  Meanwhile, I’m doing all I can to fool myself into thinking summer is just around the corner.

A few weeks ago, I made Margarita-Lime Chicken for supper.  It was delicious and did the trick that night.  Margaritas always make me think of hot summer nights or warm Caribbean beaches.  So this year for the Super Bowl, Mike and I strayed away from the usual drink of choice during this big game and decided to put a spin on the classic margarita.

Recently, on Pinterest, I saw a recipe for a Breakfast Margarita that looked tempting to try.  I took this idea, tweaked it a little, and came up with this delicious and easy drink – Orange-Kissed Margarita!

**This recipe makes 4 servings**

4 shots Gold Tequila

1 cup Lime Margarita Mix

1 cup Orange Juice

2 cups Ice


1. Put all four ingredients in a blender and combine.

2. Salt the rim of four margarita glasses.

3. Serve and Enjoy!


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