Valentine’s Day Menu – 2014

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Nothing says romance like a home cooked meal from the person you love. There’s something about the thought, time, and effort that goes into making a meal just right.  Not only is there effort and thought put into preparing a meal, there’s also something special about the unique atmosphere that can be created when cooking for someone you love in the privacy of a home.

I’ve always thought Mike and my best Valentine’s dinners have been when we do it ourselves, the house smelling of all our favorite flavors, music playing, sipping on a glass of wine (that we can refill whenever we’d like 🙂 ), candles going, and now, these days, T.J. running around the kitchen while we cook.  To me, this beats going out and fighting the crowds that usually fill the busy restaurants on this evening of love once a year.  I like that we can make all the courses at our own house and make the meal an event that takes place over the entire evening rather than something rushed, crowded, and loud.

If you’re thinking of cooking your own meal for Valentine’s day this Friday, here is a meal plan that your sweetheart will love, but is also kid friendly if your little ones will be joining you.  I like this meal plan because it includes an appetizer that you can prepare and bake before the evening begins, having it ready to go once your sweetie arrives. Serve them with your favorite glass of wine and enjoy each others company while you prepare the main course.  After the main course, you can end the evening with a dessert cocktail that is to die for.  If you’ve already had a little too much wine or kids are joining you, there is also a way to turn this dessert drink into a nonalcoholic drink that is included in the recipe.  By the end of the evening you’ll be satisfied, relaxed, full of love and thankful for a quiet, romantic evening with the person you love 🙂  Enjoy!

1. Appetizer – Spinach & Bacon Stuffed Mushrooms


2. Main Dish – Chicken Parmesan


3. Dessert Cocktail (Non-Alcoholic Recipe Included) – Kahlua Cappuccino


Hope your Valentine’s Day is a romantic evening filled with all the things you enjoy and love.  Let me know if you try any of these recipes for your romantic evening and what you thought!  Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your loved ones!

**For another meal idea for Valentine’s Day, check out my friend Val’s post from Corn, Beans, Pigs, and Kids at

2 responses to “Valentine’s Day Menu – 2014

  1. Yum! Great menu and it all looks easy . I have yet to try those mushrooms but I will. No home made Valentine’s dinner this year as we will be away but this is a menu to save for another day. That dessert looks dedadent.

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